Fucks are finite

Life is a resource management game. Your most precious resource by far is fucks, and it is unfortunately a finite resource.

You naturally possess a certain amount of fucks, which is different for each person. You expend fucks through any activity, such as working, socializing or learning.

Some of those activities reward you with fucks in return, such as working a meaningful job, cultivating relationships you care about or mastering a skill. If they reward you with more fucks than you expend doing them, they are fuck-positive activities.

Other activities do not provide you with any fucks in return, and may even expend an unproportionate amount of fucks compared to similar activities. These include working a meaningless or directly harmful job, hanging on to toxic relationships or attending classes you fundamentally don’t care for. These are fuck-negative activities.

Doing fuck-negative activities is not inherently bad. For example, most of us legitimately need to earn currency to sustain ourselves. But a happy life is one in which your holdings of fucks increase over time.

As much as possible, work to identify and pursue your fuck-positive activities.

Curiously, fucks are a depreciating asset. If you avoid expending them altogether, your fucks will decrease over time.